How can I apply for housing?
Applications are accepted every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. in the central office located in Demello Internation Center, 128 union, Street 4th floor.

What do I need to bring to apply?
Verifications of all income of the family, birth certificates, social security cards and proof of current living situation. A complete list of required documentation can be found on our Admissions tab.

What is the Housing Voucher Choice Program?
The Housing Voucher Choice Program (HVCP) is the new name for the old “Section 8” program that helps tenants pay rent to their landlords. See the Leased Housing tab for more information.

What if I want to just apply for Section 8?
Applicants may decide to be placed only on the voucher waiting list(s).  However, if you are in need rental assistance, you should consider being placed on all lists you are eligible for.

How much would I be paying for rent?
Public housing residents pay 30% of their monthly adjusted income for rent while HCVP tenants can pay between 30% and 40% of their adjusted monthly income towards rent. A complete list of income and rent questions can be found here.

Can I have a pet and live in housing?
The New Bedford Housing Authority has a pet policy for our federal properties and our state elderly sites. See our Agency Plans and Policies in the About Us tab.

Can I smoke and live in housing?
No. The New Bedford Housing Authority has instituted a No Smoking Policy for all NBHA properties, including individual apartments. Our Non-Smoking Policy can be found in the About Us tab under Agency Plans and Policies.

I am a landlord. How can I get my apartment to be approved for “Section 8”, or, the Housing Voucher Choice Program (HVCP)?
Apartments are not Section 8 pre-approved. Voucher holders find apartments that they are interested in. Landlords complete paperwork and, at that point, an inspection will take place. More information is available on the Leased Housing tab.

I am a contractor and want to do work for the Housing Authority. What can I do?
NBHA advertises and posts our solicitations on our BID/Quote/RFP Portal as they arise. Please check for availability.

Please feel free to contact the main office at 508-997-4800 or the specific department(s), as listed on the About Us tab, with any questions you may have.