Handicap Accessible Housing

The New Bedford Housing Authority is committed to providing accessible units for those with mobility impairments. The NBHA has one hundred and two (102) handicapped-accessible units in our existing portfolio. In addition, we are currently in the process of converting twelve (12) additional units into handicapped-accessible units.

The NBHA will continue to create UFAS-compliant handicapped accessible units within existing developments, and construct new accessible units, as needed, to increase availability. Because of dimensional requirements, creating handicap units may result in changes to bedroom sizes and/or consolidation and loss of unit(s). By using the information from the Section 504 Self-Assessment, the NBHA will make necessary site improvements and upgrade existing handicapped units to meet UFAS requirements. The NBHA will ensure that all Management Offices remain accessible to persons with disabilities.

NBHA will continue to make reasonable accommodation(s) to ensure that persons with disabilities have equal access to all activities and programs offered by the New Bedford Housing Authority.