Public Housing

Public Housing is property that is owned and maintained by the New Bedford Housing Authority. The NBHA screens all applicants for suitability as well as income eligibility. The NBHA has rules and regulations that we are required to follow and we ask our residents to do the same. Public housing residents are required to follow their lease agreement and, in doing so, will help NBHA foster vibrant and viable developments.

The New Bedford Housing Authority is committed to maintaining “High Performer” status under HUD’s Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) for all of our Public Housing Properties. We ensure that our properties will continue to be managed at the highest possible standards.

To accomplish our goals, NBHA will continue our practice of diligent tenant selection and fair lease enforcement. Timely and efficient unit turnovers will continue to maintain low vacancy rates, thereby conserving the amount of lost rental income and making sure all empty units are available to eligible individuals and families as soon as possible.

Timely responses to work orders, along with regular preventative maintenance, and twice annual unit inspections will ensure HQS and UPCS standards are met. This accomplishes multiple goals, including increasing resident satisfaction and reducing the cost of repairs. Residents are asked to help in this endeavor by reporting any maintenance issues as soon as they are discovered.

The implementation of a Preventative Maintenance Program will help preserve the physical quality of both the Authority’s facilities and equipment. We will continue to develop more effective management procedures to deal with tenant issues that impact the quality of Public Housing, such as hoarding, bed bugs, transfers, etc.