Parking is allowed in authorized spaces only. No vehicles are allowed on Housing Authority lawns. Parking stickers will be issued to residents that have vehicles that are properly registered and insured and have a valid inspection sticker. Parking stickers are to be attached the front side of the rear view mirror so that it is visible through the front windshield. Any vehicles parked on NBHA property without a valid NBHA parking sticker will be towed at the owner's expense.

Vehicle repairs are strictly prohibited on Housing Authority property.

One parking sticker will be allowed per household allowing one vehicle to park on Housing Authority property. All others must park on city streets.

Residents are reminded that in the event a citywide parking ban is declared for a winter snow storm or other emergency, residents must adhere to the parking ban or your vehicle will be ticketed and/or towed at your expense. When a parking ban is announced, vehicles must be parked on the east side of streets running north and south and on the north side of streets that run east and west. These are usually the sides of the street opposite any fire hydrant.

If you cannot park your vehicle on the east and north sides of the street because of "No Parking" signs, you must find another approved area to park your vehicle.

Parking Stickers