The New Bedford Housing Authority has established a Procurement Office within its Administrative organization. The Procurement Office is managed by the New Bedford Housing Authority's Chief Procurement Officer, who is appointed by the New Bedford Housing Authority's Board of Commissioner's pursuant to M.G.L. c. 30B, and is responsible for the procurement of supplies and services on behalf of the New Bedford Housing Authority.

It is the responsibility of the Chief Procurement Officer to secure quality goods and services while promoting fair competition and competitive pricing.

Procurement Procedure

All New Bedford Housing Authority departments are subject to state procurement laws, inclusive but not limited to, M.G.L. c. 30B, c. 7C, ßß 44-57, c. 30, ß 39M and c. 149, and the U.S. Dept. of H.U.D. 7460.8 REV2 and 24 CFR Part 85 each where applicable and as amended and are responsible for meeting all requirements. All departments must follow all procurement policies and procedures as established by the New Bedford Housing Authority's Board of Commissioners (Governing Body), Executive Director (Contract Officer), and the Chief Procurement Officer. A Request for Proposals (RFP) issued by any New Bedford Housing Authority department must receive the prior approval of the Chief Procurement Officer pursuant to G.L. c. 30B, section 6. The Chief Procurement Officer provides internal support to monitor purchases and ensure procurement practices are in compliance with applicable law(s).

The Chief Procurement Officer is available to provide guidance and procurement assistance to all New Bedford Housing Authority departments, in the development and solicitation of public bids and proposals through quotes, the Invitation for Bid (IFB) and Request for Proposal (RFP) process for the procurement of goods and services, contract administration, and monitoring of invoices which follow the contract award.

Procurement Assistance

The Massachusetts Office of The Inspector General: http://www.mass.gov/ig/

"The basic concept behind the Office of the Inspector General is that any institution, a corporation, a university, let alone the institution of government, must build into itself a mechanism for self-criticism and self-correction" - John William Ward.

The Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General is the oldest state-level Inspector General's office in the nation. Established in 1981 at the recommendation of the Special Commission Concerning State and County Buildings and its Chairman, John William Ward, the Office was granted a broad mandate under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 12A to prevent and detect fraud, or any waste and abuse in government.

Chapter 30B Procurement Assistance

Enacted in 1990, Chapter 30B of the Massachusetts General Laws, the Uniform Procurement Act, establishes uniform same procedures for local governments to use when contracting for supplies, services, and real property. Approximately 1,500 local governmental jurisdictions in Massachusetts (cities, towns, counties, districts, regional school districts, and local authorities, including housing and redevelopment authorities) follow the procedures to award contracts worth billions of dollars each year. The Office has an extensive Chapter 30B program to assist local governments.

The Office has printed guidance, including The Chapter 30B Manual, a step-by-step resource for achieving the best value of procurements. Also, the Office produces many guides and advisories on specific topics. Periodically, the Office issues a Procurement Bulletin, which provides information on current issues and other developments of interest to procurement officials.

In addition, the Office has a Chapter 30B Team trained in public procurement that can advise you on interpreting, analyzing, and applying the provisions of Chapter 30B. To consult a Chapter 30B Team member regarding a Chapter 30B matter, please call 617-722-8838. The Chapter 30B line is not intended to be a source of legal advice. Please direct questions regarding procurement matters in litigation or in anticipation of litigation to your legal counsel. Telephone assistance is available five days a week from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Procurement Bulletins

Over the years, the Office of the Inspector General has used the Procurement Bulletin as a means to provide procurement officials with information on topics including developments in the law, noteworthy legal cases, questions and answers about M.G.L. c. 30B, and the Massachusetts Certified Public Purchasing Official program.

We have created an index of past Procurement Bulletins for your use as a research tool. The index has been compiled to cover Procurement Bulletins from volume 6 (2000) through volume 20 (March 2014). [UPDATED APRIL 2014] http://www.mass.gov/ig/publications/procurement-bulletins/